The Original 120 things to do in Tijuana Oficial List

1. Take a picture on a famous zebra-donkey in Tijuana’s Revolution Avenue

2. Try the six different types of beer at Cervecería Tijuana

3. Watch a movie at the IMAX screen in CECUT

4. Visit the 13 destinations of the city’s Tourbus

5. Bet on a live greyhound race at Casino Caliente and Race Track

6. Watch a bullfight at Plaza Monumental in Playas de Tijuana

7. Try an ice-cream called “Beso de Ángel” (Angel Kiss) at Tepoznieves

8. Order a cactus salad with cilantro dressing at La Diferencia

9. Buy a piñata at Mercado Hidalgo

10. Play a round of golf at Real del Mar Golf Resort and Countryclub

11. Spend the night at one of Tijuana’s exclusive hotels

12. Try something local: Coconut with lime and chill from the beach

13. Eat a “camarón enchilado” taco from El Mazateño’s taco shop

14. Go see an exhibit at El Cubo, the new public art gallery

15. Visit the Wax Museum

16. Buy Mexican arts and crafts at Revolution Avenue

17. Eat out of a molcajete at La Cantina de los Remedios

18. Visit El Foro, formerly known as Palacio Jai Alai

19. Take a yoga class and then have brunch by the sea at the Yoghurt Place

20. Feel like a kid again at the Interactive Science Museum El Trompo located at Parque Morelos

21. Pick a magazine at Saborns, a place that combines a restaurant, bar, bookstore and gift shop like no other place in the city

22. Play bingo at Agua Caliente’s Casino and Racecourse

23. Watch Tijuana’s team, The Zonkey’s, play a basketball game

24. Eat tacos at Tacos El Gordo

25. Eat tortas as at Tortas del Washmobile

26.Try a delicious slide of Tijuana’s Traditional Cake

27. Watch Tijuana’s soccer team Los Xoloitzcuintles, play at Estadio Caliente

28. Eat beets with blue cheese carpaccio at La Querencia, cradle of the Baja-Mediterranean cuisine

29. Purchase silver jewelry from Taxco at Revolution Avenue

30. Try Villa Saverio’s house specialty, roasted baby octopus

31. Taste Baja’s local wines from L.A. Cetto wine sellars

32. Taste beer with “clamato” at Hiprodomo Clamatos right beside Casino de Agua Caliente

33. Try a taco with a gourmet sauce of your choosing at Los Salceados

34. While making your way to Rosarito, stop and play at Baja Paintball

35. Play pool at Pockets, a huge sport’s bar

36. Dare to sing a karaoke song at Café del Mundo

37. Go bowling at Bol Bol

38. Try Argelato’s “dulce de leche” ice-cream*

39. Take a picture at Tijuana’s Arch

40. Enjoy live music, a cup a coffee and the sea at Latitud Café in Playas de Tijuana

41. Take a cab through Revolution Avenue and get to know Tijuana without having to drive (or, now you can try Uber)

42. Drink a beer at Dandy del Sur, a bar located on the corner of Calle 6ta and Revolution Avenue

43. On Sunday afternoon, watch a mime performance at Plaza Rio* [he’s gone now]

44. Enjoy a Mexican Breakfast at El Potrero, a restaurant in the shape of a “sombrero”

45. Take the time to relax and enjoy the japanese garden at Parque Morelos.

46. Eat Chinese food at one of the 250 restaurants that the city has

47. Get a relaxing massage and bath at Vita Spa Agua Caliente [Now the Holiday Inn.There’s still a Spa.]

48. Eat a rib taco, specially of Grand Bistro Restaurant

49. Get inspired by the Contemporary Dance Group, Lux Boreal

50. Eat paella and other Spaniard dishes at Chiki Jai, at Revolution Avenue

51. Try some cotton candy while stroll around the Teniente Guerrero park

52. Observe the works of talented Mexican and foreign artist at Entijuanarte

53. Visit Tijuana’s Cathedral

54. Go to a Baja California’s Symphonic Orchestra, at CECUT

55. Eat an Argentinian empanada at La Fonda Argentina [or any of the other great argentine restaurants in the city]

56. Exercise a bit by strolling around the bike track near the river

57. Order a caramel frapuchinno at DeVolada cafe

58. Observe the 62 art pieces of famous Mexican painter, Raúl Anguiano, at Palalcio de la Cultura

59. Play Golf at Club Campestre

60. Eat an authentic Caesar salad at Ceasar’s Restaurant, where the dish was created

61. Listen to live mariachi at Plaza Santa Cecilia

62. Take a picture with Frida Cowlo, a piece from the 2008 Cow Parade

63. Shop at Liverpool*

64. Try the best chilaquiles at La Espadaña restaurant

65. Enjoy the view that Casa de la Cultura offers

66. Visit the tomb of Juan Soldado

67. Watch the sun set at Hotel Real del Mar Golf Resort and Country Club

68. Eat some spicy Gobernador tacos at Los Arcos

69. Train for you next big race at el CREA’s track

70. Visit the butterfly farm at Parque Morelos’ zoo

71. Ride the Go Karts at Mundo Divertido’s entertainment park

72. Enjoy Brazilian cuisine at Pampas do Brasil

73. Rent a boat and explore the lake at Parque de la Amistad

74. During August and September, enjoy live dancing and singing performances at Tijuana’s fair

75. Fly straight to Narita, Japan from the local airport

76. Enjoy a delicious slice of cake at Café de la Flor

77. Enjoy the unique architecture of Tijuana’s Agua Caliente Tower, then go inside and visit the Athletes Hall of Fame

78. Watch Lucha Libre at the City Auditorium

79. Buy an authentic luchador mask at Revolution Avenue

80. Try an exotic tamarind martini at Cheripan

81. Visit one of the international doctors that still work in the city

82. Take a picture on Playas de Tijuana’s pier

83. Buy a sarape and sombrero at Revolution Avenue

84. Play racquetball at Club Río Tijuana

85. Slide down onto the pool at Palacio Azteca

86. Visit Tinta Distinta, a tattoo shop that started the international tattoo expo here in Tijuana

87. Smoke a cigar at La Casa de Habano

88. Eat a traditional fish taco at Tacos Jr.

89. Skate at Patines de Plata

90. Learn to salsa dance at Alma Latina

91. Buy a Mexican blanket at Revolution Avenue

92. Take a picture with Abraham Lincoln at Paseo de los Héroes

93. Try a rib eye at Carnicería Steak House

94. Drink tequila alongside live mariachi at La Vuelta

95. Observe the architecture at El Foro

96. Listen to traditional trios at Hotel Palacio Azteca

97. Invent your own dance moves at one of the many dance floors at Las Pulgas

98. Play domino at the Ruben Hood Bar [This place is now a food truck court called Kitchen Boulevard, check it out]

99. Enjoy the ocean view from Tijuana to Rosarito

100. Buy traditional candies from El Popo market

101. Drink a mojito at El Lugar del Nopal

102. Take a tour to the vineyards [In Ensenada, not Tijuana]

103. Celebrate Independence Day with fireworks at Palacio de Gobierno

104. Take a picture of Casino de Agua Caliente

105. Visit the new Momumento de la Esperanza in Otay’s industrial area

106. Enjoy delicious shrimps at Asador Pamplona

107. Go to the movies

108. Take Boulevard 2000 to Popotla to enjoy Tijuana’s rural side

109. Learn more about the city’s history at Palacio de la Cultura

110. Try mescal at La Mezcalera Bar

111. Try a delicious croissant and a cafe au laid at Café Français

112. Drink coffee and watch independent films as well as art exhibit and concerts at La Casa de la 9 [This was torn down almost two years ago]*

113. Buy a churro from a churro stand at Plaza Santa Cecilia

114. Talk to local artist in Luis Velázquez alternative space

115. Visit Museo de las Californias at CECUT

116. Buy duty free perfumes at Saras London in Revolution Avenue

117. Try La Especial’s tacos, watch out for the spicy sauce!

118. Take a picture of el Cristo de los Álamos

119. Visit to Plaza Fiesta

120. Send us your

* Some of the activities listed may be out of date, are no longer running or might have change locations. Please check ahead.

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